Friday, 2 November 2012

Everything must go ON ..

There's a lot going on for this moment ..
I guess everything seem so easy by saying rather then doing it by action 
And always remember .. 
In this LIFE there were No Short Cut .. 
Everything needs hard work , sincerity and commitment 
Doing work in your own willingness , its because of yur passion for it 
right ??

To start something new .. require some more time to make it Done 
We been through alot of thing to get until this 
But this time is for REAL ..

Gather with us at Hornbill Sky'Fm
For more MaX. Satisfaction on music .. yahh !!

So till then .. thanks to u'guys for giving us a second chance to entertain again 
And u show us Some Love yeahhhh .. :)
Good nite all and have a fun weekend ahead ..

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