Monday, 7 January 2013

It's A Style .. We call it Spontaneous :).. 2013

After quite sometime right ..
a new years ahead us all , of cause a wish to all our great supporters 
and also for our loyal viewers at our blog especially ..
May all of you guys been bless with a healthy life throughout this year ..
and all the best in everything you all doing right now ..
As for us in hornbill sky'fm will continue to entertain u'guys during our free time 
thats means anytime yahh hihihi no definition of working hours ..
we more to spontaneous this year .. 
no pressure 
no complaints 
More fun that way , we guess \m/
When we are in 0r On the air .. its all about music ..
hope u'guys enjoy it yahhh ..

Sunday, 25 November 2012

On the '' LINE '' matters

Sometime when everything  is in the line so sure  you  can  imagine  that  this issue  what i'm 
about to mention right !
really  annoying  sound  haha but 
to us this passed  few days ..
Our Radio Online ..

Me (Miz.Dj'tripleX) as the co'owners at 
HORNBILL SKY'FM (radio online ) and on behalf of the Deejays also the crews 
would  like to apologize for any difficulty you guys having while tuning  to our channel  
and we totally  felt so sorry about it ..
Hopefully in the future this won't be a problem anymore cause  
from station hihi we will bring forward this when it becomes reality 
till then  let's just enjoy what's is ahead  us ... :)
we truly touch  by all the support  that  
U'guys gave ..
we will do the best to bring all only  for  all the listeners  

Friday, 16 November 2012

Prayer for GaZa brought to u frm - Hornbill Sky'fm-

Saat kita merintih rasa sedikit kesusahan 
bayangkan pula pada 
mereka yg tidak bernasib baik  hanya mampu menagis dalam keperitan yg d lalui ..
kita sepatut nya berasa bersyukur d lahirkan di negara yg aman makmur ..

Dengan ini kita sesama rakyat malaysia .. 
bersama-sama mendoakan saudara kita d GAZA 
tika ini yg d landa perang yg amat mengerunkan 
mengorbankan ramai nyawa yg tidak bersalah terutama nya 
wanita , orang tua serta kanak-kanak ..
agar tuhan melindungi mereka 
dalam apa keadaan sekali pun ..

this message was dedicate to all our viewer's ..
and listener have a pause of moment ... to say some prayer .. 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Check this OUt - REMIX side of us - only 8 Hornbill Sky'fm (Radio.Online)

Evening u'guys .. 
hoping u all enjoy listen while tune to us and thanks for company us 
we really glad to have u all around .. 
chat , comment and others .. 
Before that .. if u viewer's at our BLOG .. 
surely u notice something new right ??!!
Yup IT'S NEW .. 
all about others thing and not only music 

have a look ya .. and any feedback just comment at the chat'box at the side bar ya 
and if u have a personal blog .. we will follow u back ..
thanks for sharing and 
hope u guy's like it .. :)

\m/ love u guy's .. Do Search us on Facebook - HornBill SkyFm-
and join us to be the member of the group ..
that's how we are d(^.~)b

till then we meet again next post dont miss any of New Update ya !! 

Friday, 9 November 2012

More Coming up .. -Stay tune to us Hornbill Sky'fm -

Within this few days or two ..
we will .. upgrade our blog for more fun , entertainment info about our local artist and also
including international artist 
and others more to music satisfaction 
we doing it all for u'gys .. so any feedback we really appreciate it..

\m/ rock ON .. at Hornbill Sky'fm

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New team member's - Needed- Dj on searching

drrrummmmmm bunyi drum hehe 

So disini kami ingin umum kan pencarian DJ baru yg sudi atau berminat menyertai 
HORNBILL SKY'FM (Radio.Online) 
secara sambilan atau sepenuh masa .
  • Antara kateria yg d cari ialah :
  • Harus lah mempunyai laptop atau desktop / Pc sendiri .
  • Tidak kira lelaki atau perempuan [semua d alu-alu kan ].
  • Boleh berkerja d dalam team [dalam erti lain serasi dengan Dj2 yg sedia ada ].
  • Berkerja atas kerelaan diri [tiada gaji d tawar kan].
  • Minat harus ada :).
  • Harus bersedia menerima teguran , kritikan serta nasihat kerna ingin ber'dj kesabaran itu harus ada .

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